Cashmere Clinic


The experts at the Cashmere Clinic will do everything to ensure that your favorite piece looks like new again and that you can enjoy once again

  • de-fuzzing
  • mending
  • washing
  • and care

Our specialty: individual solutions.

Applying leather patches to the stressed elbow area of ​​a sweater, for example, makes a personal statement


Our cashmere care program is unique and specially developed for the most delicate of all types of wool. We offer:

  • washing
  • cleaning
  • drying
  • refreshing
  • as well as de-fuzzing

Care series by Allude

In addition, Allude has developed a special care series (in partnership with Spike), which over the years has proven to be an essential product for treating and refreshing all Allude sweater (Also including external brands).

The Cashmere Clinic

Every piece, whether made from 100% cashmere or cashmere blends (at least 30% cashmere), is personally inspected and looked after by our highly skilled team.

We also look after third-party labels

Every part is renewed by us to the best of our ability and the highest standards.

Success stories

See for yourself

  • from matt to shiny
  • fuccy too silky smooth
  • holey to just like new

Whether sweaters, cardigans, scarves

We will do our best to undo any damage. See with your own eyes what wonders the team at the Cashmere Clinic can do and what they have already accomplished.


Do you need the advice from a cashmere expert?

Kontaktieren Sie uns, wir kümmern uns persönlich um Ihr Anliegen. Gern können Sie uns auch Fotos Ihres Cashmere-Patienten schicken. Wir finden eine Lösung und machen Ihnen ein Angebot zur idealen Reparatur.

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