Cashmere is a special fiber that has been used for hundreds of years in the manufacture of yarn, textiles and clothing. Find out more about the

  • Origin of Cashmere
  • the Goat
  • the Yarn
  • the manufacturing process
  • how to take care of the yarn

as well as a short overview of the design process


Andrea Karg gave Allude the initial spark and, as a young founder, was able to realize the dream of her own fashion company. Discover more about Andrea Karg here


Find out more about sustainability and the future direction of Allude. We discuss Allude's supply chain processes in more detail and what impact they have on the

  • Planet
  • as well as the production

of the seasonal collection.


The success story of Allude begins in Munich in 1993 with an idea that couldn't be simpler and at the same time more exciting. Let us guide you through the

  • beginnings of Allude
  • the company
  • and the underlying creativity

Take a look behind the scenes at Allude

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