Andrea Karg


The Rhineland native’s passion for cashmere starts at a young age. Andrea Karg first wears a cashmere sweater as a teenager, and the fine, soft material immediately takes a firm hold of her heart. Some years later, the trained lawyer realises that the selection of stylish, feminine knitwear on offer is very limited. It lights a spark and sets Karg on a journey to launching her own fashion label, which she develops during the early nineties together with husband Christian.

Without any training in fashion or business, but with plenty of ambition and well-honed organisational skills, the mother-of-two sets about acquiring the expertise necessary to becoming a cashmere designer.

Whether it’s raw materials, knitting machines or production processes, Karg’s instinctive understanding of cashmere is ever present. She believes this extremely fine fibre has the potential to break free from its conservative twinset niche and move into the luxury fashion segment. She tries out new shapes and silhouettes, experiments with stitching, colours and effects, explores unusual finishes – and with a flair for splendour, rich variation and ceaselessly innovative interpretations, Karg manages to always be in tune with the zeitgeist.

Andrea Karg is constantly reinventing herself and her brand: she responds to the latest trends, has a sense for how women want to be dressed and conveys her passion for cashmere right down to the finest detail – as Allude’s creative director, Karg continues to communicate the concept and core strength of her brand in her own unique, impressive way.




How do you define your company culture?

If you want to achieve magic, you have to rely on other people.

How important is work culture for you and Allude?

A Harvard study looked at over 200 businesses where the only difference was that some had strong culture and others did not. Over 11 years it turned out that culture was worth 756 per cent more net revenue. Culture is not some add-on. The soft stuff gets you the hard stuff.

I mean you haven't heard any success stories of hermits, right?

Understanding & respecting others is, in my eyes, crucial for any successful partnership.

Over the last 27 years we have been working on the best product. Sustainability has always been at the core of each of our decisions. This has sometimes led to us overlooking our own needs, as people. As a result, our next focus is to address this, define and implement to our standards as we did with sustainability, diversity, inclusion and gender equality. I want to set the bar high and aim to lead by example so we can demand better from every company we partner with.

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