For Allude it is important to find the best possible way to do things. Since the inception of Allude in 1993 I always had a 360 ° view of every decision I make - it has always been my priority during the manufacturing process to leave as little traces on the environment as possible.

From 2020 we will become a carbon free freight shipper. Our freight forwarder calculated that our shipping footprint in 2020 is 100 tonnes of CO2e. We offset these emissions with carbon Fund, a non-profit organization that helps businesses offset carbon emissions and reduce supported by greenhouse gases.


To ship to our clients and customers, we use UPS. Their goal is also to become a sustainable company.

Sustainable packaging

In 2020 we switched to a more sustainable packaging solution and are now using biodegradable ones Polybag to pack and protect purchases.

Our inserts and hangtags consist of 100% pre-consumer products and certified ÖKO-Tex materials. As well as our bags are made from 100% recycled paper and contain only non-toxic chemicals.




Office supplies

We use recycled paper for all documents. I recommend thinking and on before printing print both sides of each side!

Recycle for a smile

We donate our print cartridges to support the charity:: Red Noise


From the very beginning in 1993 we have only started production on the basis on fixed retail orders. We never have stock orders or outlet goods. We are very strict in our production policy and don't want to offer and make our brand available everywhere at any cost.

Green electricity

We use green electricity in our stationary Allude Cashmere Clinic and in our main office.

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